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Italy Car Rental Fees

Rental fees not included in package, payable locally:

  • Security Pre-Authorization Charge approximately 250-500 euros on major credit card in driver’s name. Debit, Electron, or Prepaid cards are not accepted.
  • Mandatory Snow Chain approximately 9 Euros per day (For rentals from November to April only and may vary based on pick up location. Please see Travel Tips for more details)
  • Optional additional theft, damage, and personal accident coverage exact amount varies based on car type and

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    rental duration

  • Additional driver fee approximately 10 Euros per driver per day
  • Infant and child car seats 30 Euros per day
  • GPS navigator units may be rented for the cost of 18.50 Euros per day, subject to availability
  • Any fees relating to: Other additional optional services, fuel, additional rental time, moving violations & parking tickets, insurance deductibles, vehicle malfunction & vehicle damage

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