Why choose Galavant Travel?

Galavant Travel blends technology with real life travel agents providing exceptional service, offering you premium pre-built vacation packages to the most desired destinations on earth!

Can I customize my vacation?

It depends on the desired package, but we will do our best to accommodate you when available.  Please contact us for more information about customization at info@galavanttravel.com, or 1.800.530.1603.

When is full payment due?

We require full payment by debit or credit card (Amex, Visa, MC, Discover) to complete your reservation, confirm hotel reservations, local services, and to issue airline tickets before confirmation of all travel arrangements and products.

Will I be charged when I submit request for booking?

No. Providing information on request form or by phone for booking inquiry is not purchasing. Once we have gathered all information in relation to your travel requests from Suppliers and have received your approval, then you will be charged the full amount for all services and products requested.

Why does your booking form say "Pay Now" upon submission?

Because we are collecting credit card information through the internet, we are required by law and for your safety to

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obtain this information using a secure PCI compliant form and booking software.  When doing this our booking software company sets our submission button by default to say “Pay Now” although no transaction is taking place at that time, we are simply storing your personal information securely and will not process any payment until you digitally sign our consent form and approve the itinerary we provide to you.

What payment forms are accepted?

We accept credit cards (Amex, Visa, MC, Discover) and debit cards with Visa or Mastercard logo.

Will I receive a booking confirmation?

Yes. After carefully reviewing your booking confirming that everything is accurate, we will send you an email including itinerary details.

Will I receive travel documents in the mail?

Travel documents will be sent via email. Upon request travel documents may be received by mail for additional fees. Please email info@galavanttravel.com for further information.

Do I need a visa or a passport to travel?

You need a valid passport for travel outside of the United States. Visa requirements vary by destination, check here for the most up-to-date information. Please be sure to check the expiration date on your passport as most countries require that your passport be valid for 6 months after completion of travel and many countries require at least 3 blank pages. You are responsible for obtaining and paying for all visa and entry documents, for meeting all health and other requirements of the countries you will visit.

Why do quotes vary from what's displayed on the site?

Prices shown are estimates based on 2 travelers departing from JFK and vary depending on availability and season.  Other factors that will change prices are departure airports, upgrades, tours, rental car type, insurance coverage, and any other product or service that was not included or excluded in packages advertised.  When we receive your request, our team will confirm with our exclusive suppliers and present you with the best deals based on your submission.

How do I book my Irish Welcome Home or Bed & Breakfast accommodations in Ireland?

Following your payment and confirmation of travel you will receive vouchers for Welcome Home or Bed and Breakfast accommodations. You are responsible for booking accommodations through the external links that we will provide to you with itinerary and confirmation of travel booking.

How do I book my B&Bs and Small Hotels in the United Kingdom accommodations in United Kingdom (England, Scotland & Wales)?

Following payment and confirmation of travel you will receive vouchers for B&Bs and Small Hotels in the United Kingdom accommodations. You are responsible for booking accommodations through the external links that we will provide to you with itinerary and confirmation of travel booking.

Can I book a single room?

Where available, single rooms can be booked for a supplemental charge.  Note that single rooms in many countries are true ‘single’ rooms – paying for a single room ensures privacy not a double/twin room for one person.

Can I fly from a departure city other than what’s listed?

Yes. When submitting a request for booking, enter the departing airport of your choice. We will respond via email with prices and departure options related to your request. (Prices on Site are based on airfare from JFK.)

Do I need to print my air ticket(s)?

Flights are ticket-less and there will be no physical tickets or e-tickets sent to you. The airline tickets are transmitted electronically to the airline and the airline confirmation number found on your itinerary is sufficient for check-in.  Your boarding passes can be printed the day before travel from the airline’s website or printed at the airport.

Can I cancel my trip after booking?

Travel arrangements, products, and services are non-refundable as we have secured and made payments for your reservations and services.  Airlines and hotels are very strict with cancellation policies in order to reduce administration and continue to provide competitive rates, cancelling will result in additional fees. We highly recommend purchasing a travel protection plan in order to protect your investment from unforeseen circumstances. You will be advised of your options before final booking.

Do I get seat assignments when I book through Galavant Travel?

Seat assignment rules vary by airline as some may or may not allow seat assignments prior to check-in.  Some airlines may charge fees for advance seating. It is best to check with the individual carrier.  Due to ever changing policies, seat assignments are subject to the terms and availability of the individual carrier and are subject to change without notice.

Can I change my seat assignments after booking?

To find out more about you seat assignment after booking, you can contact the airline with your flight confirmation number. Seat assignments are subject to the terms and availability of the individual carrier and are subject to change without notice.

Can I upgrade my flight?

Flight upgrades may be available prior to booking. Once tickets are issues fees will apply and vary by carrier as policies differ depending on the carrier.  There are instances where flights may not be upgradeable and mileage cannot always be accrued. This is based on your requested travel options.

Can I request a special meal on the flight?

Yes. Meal requests may be made through the airlines. Availability of special meals varies based upon carrier and routing and at the discretion of the airline.

What time should I arrive at the airport?

For all flights you it is recommended that you arrive at the airport approximately 2 ½ to 3 hours before your flight departure time. You want to ensure that you have enough time to check-in, drop off your baggage, and clear security. It is your responsibility to check with airlines for any changes to your departure time and any other related information including gate and terminals.

What are the airline’s baggage requirements?

Baggage requirements vary among airlines. Please visit your airline carrier website for the most up to date information.

Do I need an international driving permit to drive a car overseas?

Driving in some countries may require additional permits, International Driving Permit (IDP). You can apply for an IDP at your local American Automobile Association (AAA) office or via their website, at http://www.aaa.com/vacation/idpf.html You can check the embassy of the country you plan to visit, for specific requirements: http://www.usembassy.gov/. Though some countries may not require you to have additional permits, the car rental company may have permit requirements. To learn more about driving abroad, please visit the following US State Department site,


Are there age requirements for renting a car in Europe?

Yes. However, this varies by country, car type, and the rental company. Most countries have a minimum age of 25. However, certain car categories may be available for those between 21 and 24 years of age, with additional fees and restrictions. There are some countries which may not allow rentals, or may impose supplements for drivers aged 70 and older. Please be aware of any restriction which may affect your travel plans. For any questions please email info@galavanttravel.com or call at 1.800.530.1603.

Does my credit card or personal auto insurance cover car rental insurance?

This depends on your credit card or personal auto insurance coverage. You are responsible to find out from your credit card or personal car insurer or any other source if you have coverage for your car rental. It is your responsibility to find out if you will be covered for your rental in the destination that you will be renting and/or driving. Renter’s insurance may be offered through the car rental supplier, however, it is on your discretion to opt in or out for insurance. All supplemental insurance options will be provided in relation to your travel requests.

Should I purchase car rental insurance?

It is recommend that you protect yourself in the event of an unforeseen event auto collision, theft, fire, etc. If car rental insurance is an option for your booking, it is advised that you carefully determine your options prior to making a decision.

When should I get local currency?

It is generally recommended to exchange currency upon arrival at your destination. The airport will have currency exchange and ATM machines where you can withdraw what you need upon arrival. For current rates of exchange, please check currency conversion sites such as www.reuters.com/finance/currencies.

Will I be able to use my ATM card abroad?

Yes. Using your ATM card abroad may be the easiest way to obtain local currency when traveling. However, it is suggested that you notify your bank that you are traveling abroad and that you may be withdrawing funds and/or making purchases from your specified destination. Also, consult with your bank about any service or conversion fees that they will apply to your transactions.

Can I book children online?

If you are purchasing a package with a child under the age of 13, please contact us at info@galavanttravel.com or 1.800.530.1603. Travelers who are less than 18 years old on the travel date must be accompanied by an adult and share a room throughout the duration of the trip. Additional documents may be required to travel with those under the age of 18 for the safety and protection of young travelers when traveling.

Do you offer child discounts?

No, we do not offer child discounts.

Hotel check-in and check-out?

Generally hotel check-in is generally early or mid-afternoon and hotel check-out is generally early or mid-morning.  For early check-in you will need to contact the hotel directly. There may be additional charges if the hotel is able to accommodate an early check-in request.

Will I need a plug adapter, outlet, or electric converter while I travel?

The requirements for plug adapters , outlets, and electric converter vary by country. You can find more useful information here.

What if I need emergency assistance during my travels?

If you need emergency assistance during your travel and have purchased travel insurance, contact your insurance provider. You will be able to find this information in your confirmation email.